Not Your Parents’ Success.

You’ve been told that showing up to work on time and working longer hours are the keys to success. But what do those matter In the age of working remotely and technology automation? Your value lies in how effectively you solve problems for your employer – even if that employer is yourself. It doesn’t matter what major you declare; Innovation is paramount to successfully addressing issues and communicating ideas.


Sure, it’s a great buzzword – but what does Innovation really mean?

Your keen sense of empathy allows you to view situations from other points of view. When you approach a problem from different angles, alternate solutions unveil themselves. Quit competing by imitation and start figuring out how to be unique. After all, God has created each of us distinct and exceptional in His image (Psalm 139).

Risk is the new safe. Nothing guarantees you that ideal job post-graduation. In fact, God often leads us down paths we don’t expect. When faced with uncertainty, we have been conditioned to consolidate and cower. There is no better time to seek out untapped opportunities and express a bit of faith. After all, risk is analogous with faith.

A different kind of leadership. As you read this, you may have already dismissed yourself as the next best luminary; but leadership comes in different shapes and sizes. Your ability to perceive problems divergently and empathize with others emboldens you to demonstrate how your solutions can be transformative to the cause or company.

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We challenge all students to use 60 of their 1000 days at Cedarville to pursue Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Enroll in one of the ENTR classes or participate in any of our innovation events. If you have a business idea, our startup accelerator can help you launch a business while earning credits for graduation.