Funding Christian Startups

Cedarville University is among a national ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, and capital sources aligned with the faith-driven entrepreneur and investor. Christian founders with platforms of influence struggle to secure funding due to the unequal distribution of capital – often hostile to Christian values.


You want to invest in businesses that align your values and passions. The Beyond Angel Network is composed of accredited Christian investors who seek to use a portion of their investment capital to fund Christian startups.


The Cedarville Beyond Angel Network operates as an annually renewable membership platform with confidential access to a curated pipeline of investable startup companies and related due diligence information on each company. If you are an accredited investor and wish to be a member fill out our interest form to receive more information.

Christian Founders: We Want You!

Members of the Beyond Angel Investor Network are seeking to fund Christian founders with an aligned purpose of redemptive entrepreneurship. Ideal candidates will meet the following criteria:

  • Preference to technology or platform business models (B2B, SaaS, ARR)

  • Faith-drive founder with a strong founding team

  • Diverse industries with strong market size growth

  • Demonstrated scalable market traction

  • Clear exit strategy, 5 year time horizon preference

  • Post-revenue, less than 18-month path to profitability

The Beyond Angel Network charges an application fee of $100, due prior to submitting your application. The $100 application allows you two attempts at our funding cycle, so any company that does not receive investment their first time applying can reapply to one more future application cycle without have pay another application fee.

We would love to have a conversation with you! Please complete the pre-screen application.